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Doppler Log System 4900 for Oil Boom

Doppler Log System 4900

a complete real-time wireless system measuring water fl ow relative to the oil boom. It is designed to provide operators information needed to prevent spillage during oil boom operations to ensure effi cient and secure collection of oil spill.


  • Acoustic Doppler measurement of the sea’s current fl ow
  • Software to display and store data
  • Wireless data communication
  • Rugged construction
  • Easily installed
  • Battery powered for 7 days continuous operation

The AADI Doppler Log System for Oil Boom is designed to be used in an oil boom operation. The towing speed relative to the sea current speed is critical to the effi ciency in the operation. If the vessel tows the boom too fast the oil will escape underneath the boom. Therefore it is vital for the crew to know the true oil boom speed through the water to properly adjust the speed of the towing vessel.
The Doppler Log System’s easily snaps directly on to the oil boom and is towed at the same speed as the boom. The measured water velocity is the speed of the sea current plus the speed of the boom, hence the measured water fl ow depends on both the vessel speed and direction and the sea current’s speed and direction.
The Doppler Log System consists of:

  • Doppler Current Sensor, DCS 4100R, measuring the sea current speed and direction
  • Data Buoy with batteries and VHF radio transmitter
  • PC with display program and VHF radio receiver

The Buoy is connected to the DCS with a short cable for transferring data and to provide power to the DCS. The VHF radio transmits the measured water velocity and direction
passing under the oil boom to the vessel mounted receiver and PC located on the vessel bridge. The real-time Display Program presents the measured current fl ow in engineering units and engages an alarm if the vessel speed is too high for safe and effi cient oil recovery. Themaximum towing speed is confi gurable by the user (the maximum towing speed is based on the oil boom specifi cations).


Specifications for 4900

Display Program

The display program is designed to collect, save and display data sent from the Doppler Current Sensor. If the current fl ow exceeds a preset alarm level, a notifi cation in form of
sound and light is engaged. Data can be saved to fi le for further analysis using other analytical software.


VHF-modem operation: 138 - 174 MHz frequency
Transmitting interval: 15s
Data format: RS232


Doppler Current Sensor: model 4100R/2 MHz
Ping rate: 600 pings/min


Breaking load: 200 Kg
Reinforced for external wear


Material: PVC
Weight: approx. 15 kg (incl battery
and modem)
Battery: 5 4,4Ah/15V rechargeable


0-10Ah, fully charged battery within 8 hrs.
Automatically maintenance charging

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