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Aqualog moored automatic measuring system for vertical profiling of the marine medium

The system was developed at the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Aqualog system is designed for multidisciplinary oceanological studies and environmental monitoring on the sea shelves and continental slopes. An autonomous carrier (marine elevator) for different oceanic measuring equipment was developed for the first time in the practice of Russian oceanography. It is a carrier, for example, for an acoustic Doppler current meter, a CTD-profiler, a sensor of dissolved oxygen, a fluorometer, a turbidity meter, etc. 

The Aqualog system has an energy resource sufficient for profiling the water column in the programming regim for up to several months.The total length of the vertical displacement of the system at a nominal capacity of the power supply reaches 200 km. The main results of the field tests of the Aqualog and preliminary scientific results of its application are presented on the basis of the results of the Black Sea expeditions (2006-2008).

General Features

  • Automatic operation
  • Regularity and homogeneity of the data
  • Multidisciplinary observations
  • User choice of conventional ocean sensors
  • Reliable deep sea operation
  • Energy efficient
  • User friendly
  • A real time data transmission (under development)



  • carries up to 4 probes lent by a user (total weight of the probes in the air is up to 30 kg);
  • profiling down to the depth of 0- 500 m (Aquazond-500) or 0-2000 m (Aquazond-2000)
  • buoyancy with cargo ± 30 N ;
  • frame made from high molecular polyethylene;
  • profiling speed can be set up in the range of 0.1-0.3 м/s;
  • self pressure drive mechanism;
  • programmed schedule of profiling includes stops at intermediate depths;
  • automatic choice of the profiling depth range or as preprogrammed;
  • start and stop by magnetic switch or as preprogrammed;
  • accuracy of the positioning on the horizon within 1 m;
  • max discontinuity of the stations on the horizon 1 m;
  • duration of station of the stations on the horizon 1 sec - 10 twenty-four hours;
  • mode of operation indication by LED light;
  • dimensions 1000х350х650;
  • weight in the air (without cargo) 50 kg;
  • mooring line made of 6 mm stainless steel;
  • in standard integration CTD-probe FSI NXIC CT, acoustic current meter Aquadopp 3D.

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