From editor

From editor
Yu.N. Volkov

Dear colleagues,
This is the first issue of a new international, reviewed and specialized, journal "Pacific Oceanography" published in Vladivostok. Mainly, it will publish results of the recent oceanographic researches conducted in the Northwestern Pacific and its marginal seas. It will also present results of oceanography related topics.
The journal is published in the Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute (FERHRI) of the Russian Federal Service on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. For many years Russian scientists were not actively involved in the international exchange of data and investigation results. In 1960-1990s the soviet and Russian scientists carried out thousands of research marine expeditions in the Pacific and Indian oceans and in the Far Eastern seas and fulfilled many interesting theoretical and experimental works. As a rule, all the research results were published in Russian as monographs or in the departmental proceedings that were not available for the foreign communities.
The publication of "Pacific Oceanography" in English will allow the foreign communities seeing the latest scientific results of the Russian researchers. We also incorporated the historical section in the journal that will present the old selected works of the Russian Far East oceanographers.
In recent years the Russian scientists were actively cooperating with specialists from other countries, first of all, from Republic of Korea, Japan, USA and Canada. Results of joint marine expeditions and researchers published in "Pacific Oceanography" will be a good proof of the establishing international data exchange.
We invite all Russian and foreign scientists dealing with the Pacific oceanography and related topics to contribute your results to our journal. The main criteria for publishing a manuscript or a short scientific report within "Pacific Oceanography" are high quality, simplicity and urgency. We hope our journal will serve the progress in oceanography and related topics and assist the creative cooperation between the scientists all over the world.